Saloni & Brian | Penha Longa Hindu Vows

And here we are, back this time at a lovely Nuncio Garden of Penha Longa to celebrate Saloni and Brian´s Portugal Hindu Wedding.
The day commenced at the bridal suite with the bridesmaids and Saloni getting ready with their hair and makeup. When ready, the bride looked stunning at her Sara Design Studio Lengha. Seeing the wedding attire live is so different from seeing it on pictures. Saloni looked absolutely beaming with beauty with the light pink hand embroidered lehenga
Baraat started the Hindu Festivity and Brian in the company of his friends, family and that of his bride was welcomed by the bride´s family. It is probably the most energized portion of the day and we loved it how two cultures blended so beautifully in the midst of singing and dancing to the drummers´ beats. The guests´ traditional outfits gorgeously synchronized with the ancient backdrop of Nuncio Garden where beautifully flower adorned Mandaap was held. There isn´t probably the more perfect place for that occasion in the extensive Penha Longa Golf Resort. Nuncio Garden used to be a refuge place dedicated specifically for spiritual contemplation. And this is where Saloni accompanied by her uncles had met her future husband.
A number of deeply sacred wedding rituals followed, and it had been a real feast for our eyes and senses to be witnessing and documenting those profound moments.
After some posed pictures taking with the families and friends, we sneaked away with Saloni and Brian for some portrait shots at the hilly golf course. The delicate richness of the couple´s attire contrasted so amazingly well with the deep green of the background woods!
Unique music beats, beautiful surroundings, stunning traditional outfits created a rich tapestry of cultures which is difficult to express though simple photographs. We hope yet to have been able to highlight the uniqueness of that afternoon through some of those images of this gorgeous Nuncio Garden Hindu Wedding.
Thank you once again Saloni and Brian for giving us the opportunity to witness this beautiful event!

Nuncio Gardem Penha Longa weddings
Sara Design Studio Lengha
Sara Design Studio Lengha
Indian Weddings Portugal - Penha Longa Nuncio Garden
Indian Weddings Portugal - Nuncio Garden Penha Longa
Nuncio Garden Penha Longa - Indian Weddings Portugal
Indian Weddings Portugal Penha Longa
Indian Weddings Portugal
Indian Weddings Portugal -Sara Design Studio Lengha
Nuncio Garden Penha Longa
Nuncio Gardem Penha Longa weddings
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