Anjali and James | Penha Longa Hindu Vows

So excited to be back on the blog to feature beautiful Anjali and James´s day two of their Wedding celebration (day1). From the start we were welcomed by a sun shining through the hills of Sintra- very much intuned with the lovely couple-fresh and ready for another full day of fun and celebration! When we met the couple in the morning, they were surrounded by family and friends happily organizing last minute preps. A particular thing that Fábio and I found was endiring, was the relationship between the couple and their closest friends and families: they have so much love, kindness, comfort and great respect between one another and espceially for the elders.

And the love reflected on the happiness over celebrating the Hindu Wedding ceremony. With James´s entrance to the Nuncio Garden Mandap, the celebration followed with smiles and calm wedding ceremony. After the gorgeous ceremony and some family portrait taking, we went with the newly-weds  for some couple portrait pictures in and around the stunning Penha Longa corners. By this time Anjali and James were professional models and they seemed so at ease and happy in that role! The reception dinner was intertwined with heartfelt speeches, laughs and fun that allowed us to get to know Anjali and James a little bit more. We also learned about one of James´s biggest fears…snakes…and how his best friends made sure to cure him of that fear by inviting quite a creepy “guest”. When I saw the snake around the groom´s neck I felt both compassion and admiration for Jame´s composure and calm. When the slithering guest was safely gone…the party proceeded for a cake cutting which followed by dancing till the dusk hours.

Sweet Anjali and James…you are the most caring souls and we have so much love for you! Your love inspires us as coupleand as photographers!  Thank you for your trust, cooperation, kindness and for being those beautiful souls that bless everyone around you! 
Please come back to see us in Portugal when you´ve got a chance!