Anjali & James | Penha Longa Mehendi & Sangeet

What an incredible two days in the precious company of Anjali and James! Words aren´t our best side, so it is not easy for us to say how fortunate Fábio and I have felt documenting the beautiful celebration of the pair´s love for one another. Anjali and James not only have supplied stunning and vibrant colours to their wedding functions, but they brought so much happiness to everyone around them! 

The first day of the couple´s wedding festivity received us with a misty fog over the Penha Longa hills. The duo chose to start their first-day celebration by honouring James´s Christian background and so the morning started with everyone gathering at Penha Longa´s stunning little chapel. It was so precious to witness James´s nervousness as he awaited his stunning wife to be walk down the aisle. And when the two saw each other at the altar their love for one another and happiness for the moment was palpable! During the religoius ceremony, the clours seemed to have opened up and the rays of the sun had penetrated the Churche´s cupula, shinging through at the stunning bride with amazing precision. 

The part 2 of Anjali and James´s wedding festivity day started with us meeting the stunning pair  dressed up in their traditional Indian wedding attire. We took our couple for some portrait pictures around the Nuncio Garden which would be the venue for their Hindu Wedding the following day. Meanwhile, at the Penha Longa, the family and friend already enjoyed some drinks, ladies had their Mehndi and a delicious Indian food was being served. The evening was full of festivity, and the highlight of the day was James´s  dance performance with the bride´s maids and best men, thus officially starting the Sangeet. What a day! 

The couple was very generous to offer us accommodation at the gorgeous Penha Longa resort during the time of their wedding. So after our memory cards were already filled with pictures of the wonderful day, we went to get some rest and prepare for  Anjali and James´s wedding festivities the following day!

Thank you Anjali and James for the  fabulous experience!  It was a thrill and joy to be a part of it! 

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