Bruna & Ronan Wedded at Forte da Cruz

And we are back to gorgeous Portugal wedding venue  with Forte da Cruz wedding we have been very lucky and happy to photograph. For many resons: 1) the couple are simply the sweetes; 2) we simply adore the Estoril Wedding Venue and last but not least: 3) my (Maria) brother Karol was accompanying us with his video camara gear. How amazing! 
Bruna and Ronan are sweet couple living in Australia. From Brazil and Ireland respectivelly, they decided to have their Forte da Cruz Wedding at the end of last year. They had contacted us little before Christmas of last year and I couldn´t help but find what an interesting story the couple shares: two romantic souls of different nationalities that  found their way to one another and are making their life together in a different country to theirs. Story quite similar to Fábio´s and mine 
Their story is filled with coincidences like one where on the couple´s very first trip together, they booked a room in a hotel in Thailand unwittingly  booking a suite for newly engaged couples 
Their engagement was very very  romantic too! Ronan organised a surprise boat trip over the Iguaçu Falls in Brazil for his girlfriend and her Brazilian parents. He proposed in Portuguese to completely to love-smitten Bruna who said yes without a hesitation. The happy bride´s parents also witnessed this beautiful moment and were equally touched. 

The place and location of their Destination Wedding was very much well thought through as well: Portugal was very close for the guests coming from Ireland and Brazilians spoke the language. The date was also picked thoughtfully as June the 12th is St Anthony´s day – the patron of match making and it is Portugal´s very own special Valentine´s Day.

Bruna and Ronan wanted a stunning wedding that featured and celebrated their cultural differences that complete one another. The gorgeous Forte da Cruz has helped to achieve that. We first photographed wedding in Forte da Cruz in Saloni and Brian´s Sangeet night last September. And the place always enchants us with its mysterious, Estoril charm.

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