T & A | Quinta de Sant´Ana | Wedding

The nature of our profession takes us all around Portugal and beyond so there actually aren’t that many venues we have shot weddings more than once. This generally suits us pretty well because diversity of backgrounds with bride and groom makes for a fresh and vibrant portfolio. But there are venues that we simple love and go out of our way to try and work at. Quinta de Sant´Ana in Gradil is one of them! Not only a stunning location with numerous of cute corners for perfect wedding portrait backdrop, but also a place with the most professional and friendly staff members, wonderful wine and great cuisine.

The couple chose to marry in fall so the vine foliage has already started to turn into a golden colour pallete. So perfect when lit with sun setting light.
It was a beautiful day with handpicked details – one could see that the couple really put a thought and effort in every single detail from the bride´s stunning, boho wedding dress, the groom´s traditional Austrian outfit for the dance party, to lovely Brazilian custom made cakes “bem-casados”.

The gorgeous couple had their pre-wedding preparations held at Quinta de Sant´Ana. A beautiful heart-to-heart exchange of vows happened by the Venue´s vine field at the right time of Sun just setting behind the hills. The natural setting with vineyard views, and a gorgeous mansion surrounded by the vine hills, created a truly romantic atmosphere for the Gradil wedding.

Throughout the wedding day, it was very sweet to see the two families blending and getting to know each other, and you could feel their genuine love and well wishing to the happy newly weds.

Congratulations to the gorgeous newly-wedded couple! We wish you an abundance of happiness and blessings for the years to come! Thank you for having us as your wedding photographers!

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