8 Great reasons to have a wedding in Portugal

wedding in Portugal

If you are considering to have a wedding in Portugal, please read on! I’m going to give you a few great reasons that will make the decision to marry in Portugal much easier.

Who doesn’t´t like travelling? And if you are anything like us and love a quality time sightseeing, enjoying the local traditions and savouring the regional cuisine, then Portugal should be on your “not-to-miss” list. Now, if your significant other has just asked The Question and you are in the midst of organising your big day, you should definitely consider getting married in Portugal.
Now you would be forgiven if you didn’t´t know about the numerous hidden charms that this side of the Iberian Peninsula holds. From a great number of ridiculously scenic natural spots from North to South and the Islands, to a numerous ancient mansions, historical castles and palaces, picturesque chapels, this country caters for all styles and tastes.
So here is our list of great reasons to get married in Portugal:

1 – Climate

Portugal is blessed with a great majority of its 365 days bathed in glorious sun and a very pleasant weather. Unlike other hot European countries, the breeze that comes from the Atlantic Ocean makes for a delightful climate, even on a summer day. And the sunrise and sunset light is unlike any we have seen anywhere else. So although Portugal summer wedding sounds like a perfect idea, considering early Spring with its freshness of colours, or glorious Autumn for its robust red foliage isn´t a bad idea either.

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2 – Food

Now, the Portuguese really take a great pride in their rich and versatile national cuisine. And they should. From delicious meat based dishes, to gorgeous fresh fish plateau, there is something for everyone, even those on more of a veggie side. The abundance of fresh vegetable makes for a great variety of national vegetarian dishes. And you don´t necessarily need to fork out on a pricey caterer either. Most venues provide a range of gorgeous dishes to fit any budget. And some local bakeries can also provide some of their fresh and delicious pastries for small elopements.

3 – Wine

If you are like us and love to have your meal sophisticatedly complimented with a glass of your favourite Red, then Cheers to that! Portugal has many cellars that produce the most exquisite of wines. The difference in the wine taste depending on the geographical position of the vineyards is astonishing. Now, a lot of the Portuguese winery estates are grounds for weddings too. The lush green outdoor space makes for a perfect background for the wedding ceremonies overlooking the stretching vineyard fields. Many of those venues include wine tasting to the guests, and we can assure that a great wine is something that guests tend to appreciate and remember mo4st.

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4 – Natural Beauty

The topography of Portugal is very diverse: from the Serra da Estrela mountain range, forests – hilly and wild in greenness, to the contrasting azure of long beach srips, and dramatic cliffs overlooking the Atlantic. The unspoiled landscape can really take your breath away. Additionally, the stunning natural scenery is often complimented with ancient mansions, palaces and castles sometimes dating back the Medieval era.
Those architectural beauties make the sights more intriguing and majestic, and a perfect backdrop for romantic Portugal elopement, or a background for a dreamy pre, or post wedding photo session.

5 – Wedding Venues

Just about any Portuguese town or region provides a choice of venues for any wedding theme. From a restored barn for your rustic and vintage inspired event, to a dreamy palace for your princess- style wedding, the country boasts an abundance of picturesque locations.
And so you can say your vows in a stunningly ornamented historical Church, or in an open space overlooking the Atlantic or the olive groved hills. Most wedding venues in Portugal are flexible to couple´s suggestions, and will happily advise you on the best timing and location for your ceremony.

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6 – Hospitality

The Portuguese give a great importance in making sure their visitors are received well, and they are famous for their open and warm personalities. This vein of generous hospitality runs through the country from North to South, and it is fair to say that they would treat a stranger with the same friendliness and oppenes as they treat their friends.
So don´t be surprised if they go out of their way to help you find the place you´ve been searching on a map, or if they greet you with a complimentary dinner if you´re temporarily renting their room.

7 – Proximity

So along with the fabulous destination wedding locations, delicious food and wine, fantastic weather and friendly locals, Portugal has yet another great advantage. Although situated on the far end of the European Continent, Portugal´s geographical proximity to other stunning countries is unbeatable. You are literally a two-hour flight away from the exotic Morocco or sunny beaches of the Canary Islands, and just a short flight distance from gorgeous Spanish towns like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. So your wedding in Portugal can be a start of a wonderful honeymoon experience in this precious part of Europe.

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8 – Budget

Now, you might be thinking to yourself: “that´s all great, but how much is my dream destination wedding going to cost?” Most venues in Portugal are prepared for different budgets, and can offer great packages in lovely settings, that back home might scost a little fortune.
And who said that a wedding has to strain the credit card balance? The leftover budget can be spent on some additional activities like trips with your wedding guests to explore the Portuguese tourists spots.

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