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After a long break from our blog, we are delighted to be featuring today a very special, love and fun-filled wedding in Pestana Palace! You might still remember adorable Shaunée and Rotimi from their Lisbon Engagement session back in May. They stole our hearts from the very first email they sent us and we could hardly wait to meet them again on their wedding day!
The day started as usual at each of their rooms were surrounded by family and friends they were getting ready to meet each other at the altar. 
Their beautiful exchange of vows happened at the grounds of St. George`s Anglican Church in central Lisbon. What a stunning celebration it was with Shaunée & Rotimi proclaiming their love, family and friends cherishing the newlyweds and offering them to God in prayers, and all accompanied by beautiful organ music. 

After the ceremony, the party moved over to Pestana Palace where cocktails, speeches and fabulous dance party prolonged till the early hours of Sunday. 
what we love the most about this wedding is the couple! They are family
One of our favourite things to experience at a wedding is watching the bride and groom show to others around how much love and commitment they have for one another. Normally when this happens, guests applaud this manifestation of love by cheering, glass clicking and sometimes performing impromptu speeches. And this happened at Shaunée & Rotmi´s wedding too! The number of images of laughing, dancing and cheering made our editing selection more challenging as almost every single photo had deep, authentic emotion and determining which photo should stay and which is too repetitive was difficult to determine :)
Shauée and Rotimi clearly have country in their hearts and so they honoured their Bermuda-Nigerian roots by stunning outfits right in the middle of a dance party! What an energy and fun party that was!!! 

Dearest Shaunée and Rotimi, we´ve no words to say how blessed, honoured and happy we are that our paths have crossed at such an important time of your lives!
The way you pursue Jesus in every aspect of your relationship is very inspiring and we feel blessed directly by God that He allowed us to see your love and document it! Thank you so much for having us as your Portugal Wedding Photographers! May your love for each other and for God grow every day and may you inspire other couples to pursue in love and Faith in Lord! 
God bless you! 

Pestana Palace Weddings Lisbon Portugal
Pestana Palace Weddings Lisbon Portugal
Pestana Palace Weddings Lisbon Portugal
Pestana Palace Weddings Lisbon Portugal