Sara & Nuno – Tales from Monserrate Palace

Monserrate Palace Engagement Session

This gorgeous Monserrate Palace Engagement Session was put off quite a few times. We didn’t seem to manage to have our schedules met, and then when we did find a date suitable for all, the weather decided to play tricks on us and bless us with heavy showers. And Sintra already being very specific with it´s climate, we didn’t want to take the risk of booking the shoot on an overcast day, cause overcast day in Lisbon is a rainy day in Sintra. At some point we thought we would have the engagement shoot after the wedding. But luckily we made the day and met one gorgeous afternoon at the gates of the beautiful Monserrate Palace.

This adorable and very much in love couple is Sara and Nuno. Sara had been a very very special bride to us. Back in October of last year we received this lovely email that translates from portuguese: ?
“I’ve been following your work since 2012 and I always knew that the day I got engaged I would like my wedding day to be captured by your cameras and artistic eye. That day has come…”

Never in a million years would we expect to have such a long-time follower of our work to contact us in such a sweet manner. Our photography competition in the wedding industry has amazing work, and it is not easy to keep up with the same photography level and your followers´ expectations. So we were very humbled and our hearts just melted when we read Sara´s email. We also suddenly realized our age hehehe

The couple met at a choir they both sing, in Coro Sinfónico Lisboa Cantat. Sara sings in Soprano while Nuno sings in tenor. They engaged in Paris, during a trip they both had planned to make in 2020 but with the pandemic, it kept being postponed. Nuno had planned to propose in the City of Love a year earlier but due to the circumstances Sara had to wait one year to say her “yes”. Romantic Nuno proposed in an original way: at 21:00 on the 4th of October in front of the Eiffel Tower as it sparkled with light, he handed Sara an envelope with a letter. The proposal was written in the letter. Nuno is very good in writing and when Sara went on a University exchange program, he wrote her weekly old-fashioned love letters, with pen and paper.

For such a romantic couple Monserrate Palace was a perfect background for engagement photos. Sara had been there once when she was a baby but never went back till the engagement session.

This place was certainly a perfect location and we are thrilled we got to capture Sara and Nuno´s sweet personalities unfold. We very much look forward to meeting and photographing their wedding day in just a few days!
See you then!

Palácio de Monserrate Casamentos
sessão namoro sintra portugal
Sintra Monserrate Palace Engagement Session
Palácio de Monserrate sessões
Capela palácio de Monserrate
Sessão namoro palácio de monserrate jardins
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