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It is at Areias do Seixo Hotel that we once again have the great pleasure of featuring the wonderful Tatiana and Pedro in a new post on our blog! And with the Spring just starting,  nature blooming, we are very excited to be sharing 

Tatiana and Pedro are an enigmatic couple from Angola that we had the honor and privilege of photographing 5 years ago on the occasion of their wedding. Despite the geographical distance, we always stayed in touch and this beautiful duo has a special place in our  hearts. 

So you can imagine our joy when we received a phone call from Pedro asking us to participate in his lovely project! He decided to give a getaway to the fabulous Areias do Seixo hotel as a gift for their 5th wedding anniversary. 

If you haven’t seen this Eco hotel yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! It is absolutely THE place for a romantic getaway!  Areias do Seixo is a place where nature embraces you and lifts your spirits! The first time we had the privilege of being there was at Sarah and John’s wedding. It was simply an unforgettable day… Please check out the magical images of this beautiful day here. And since our first visit to this fabulous hotel, we’ve been looking forward to returning! And this day has come! :)

The couple not only celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary, but also had an anniversary  of 20 years since they first laid eyes on each other. Pedro suggested we all arranged a video call to reveal the gift to his wife. The beautiful and sensitive Tatiana emotion was highly contagious… And obviously for us it was also a great gift and privilege to photograph a couple so unique in such an exquisite place! 

 We loved the experience and for us the result was spectacular… as expected from such perfect and tireless models! 

Thank you very much Tatiana and Pedro, for this incredible opportunity that you gave us, being with you is always memorable and enriches us on many levels!! Lots of love to your beautiful family! 

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Jennifer Prince

What a lovely, intimate session. I’m sure they’re absolutely thrilled with all of the images. Gorgeous!

What a stunning location! The photos are beautiful too!

Aaawwwww….aren’t you all the sweetest? Our couple in there is simply divine. I am glad you captured them well.

It looks so beautiful and loves the inside. Good hotel for couple pictures.

What a beautiful couple! This is such a beautiful hotel to spend a 5 year anniversary. Just sent this to husband so we can visit for our upcoming anniversary!

This is a romance of a lifetime summarized in a photo show. Very wonderful.

What lovely photos! And the location is absolutely exquisite. I like how you were able to capture the emotions and the love between them.

Congratulations to this lovely couple on their anniversary. They really made a good choice in hiring you to take these photographs. They are so beautiful and artistically done.

These sessions are amazing. One of my regrets, when I got married, is to not take photos like these.

Wow! These photos are gorgeous. I wish I had photos like these with my husband too.

This article is a delightful read, These images of Tatiana and Pedro are outstanding.

Simply beautiful.

Oh my goodness, those pictures are stunning! I’d love to have pics like that of my hubby and I.

As a fellow portrait photographer, all I can say is WOW. These photos are absolutely stunning! Great job on really capturing the essence of their love.

Your photos are incredible. I only wish I had photos of my husband and I like this. You are capturing every emotion. Beautiful!

This place looks so beautiful! And I love all the photos; these two couldn’t be more in love! It makes me swoon! Thanks so much for sharing!

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