Palácio do Correio Mor – Splendid wedding day

Palacio Correio Mor casamento no jardim

This Palacio do Correio Mor wedding marked our first event at this beautiful venue. We´ve been acquainted with it at an event we attended but only had the chance to get to know it from the outdoors. So our excitement was great when Larissa and Rodrigo contacted us to book our services for their wedding at this venue. 

The lovely couple lives and works in Paris but chose Portugal, Rodrigo´s native country, to tie the knot. Ever since our very first Zoom call and then email exchanges, there was nothing but kindness, and respect transmitted from the lovely couple. So on the wedding day, when we were going to meet them for the first time, we were not disappointed. They´re both very down-to-earth, kind and very much in love with one another! While Rodrigo got ready at his parent’s home, Larissa´s wedding preparations happened in one of the rooms of the Palace. She was surrounded by her closest family to help choose the best make-up shade and hairstyle. While photographing Larissa, we were surprised at just how calm she´s been throughout the preparations. Usually, brides show at least a little bit of nervousness, even through simple laughter or calming breathing techniques. Larissa, from start to walking down the aisle had been one of the calmest brides we´ve probably met.

The exchange of vows took place at the entrance patio of the Palace and guests witnessed some very heartfelt exchange of love, commitment and hope for the future. After the ceremony, all guests moved over to the back side of the Venue and had their cocktails and the opportunity to wish the newlyweds the best of happiness. During this time, we stole Larissa and Rodrigo for some portrait pictures around Palacio Correio Mor. The pair is so sweet with each other and if it wasn´t for the very limited time we had for the portraits, we would have continued for much longer with our newlywed models :)

The cocktail traditionally followed dinner and a fantastic wedding party till the early hours of the next morning. 

Larissa and Rodrigo, thank you so very much for choosing us as your Portugal Wedding Photographers. We´ve only had a chance to spend 1 day in your lovely company but we really wish we had more time to get to know you. Wishing you all the best for the years to come!

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Portugal Wedding Photographer Palacio do Correio Mor

looks like an amazing day, and what a setting!! wish them all the best!

Absolutely stunning wedding! I love the pictures!

Oh my absolutely beautiful! These are all really beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing this with us

Such a Gorgeous wedding. I love the place, Its so romantic and stunning.

Wow, what a stunning and historic building! The Palacio Correio Mor L.R. is truly a sight to behold, and the photos capture its grandeur perfectly.

Aww, The bride looks so happy. I love her dress. She was ready for her day.

Nnniiiccceeeee….I don’t know if it’s just me but the bride was sssoooooooo ready for this day! I mean, she’s simply divine and looks so calm. Really lovely moments you captured here.

What a gorgeous wedding! The setting is amazing, everyone looked stunning & these photographs are phenomenal!

As a photographer, I can really appreciate these photos. They tell a great and beautiful story!

What a gorgeous event! Every detail is perfect, and it’s captured so beautifully.

Oh, how absolutely beautiful. I love the photos!!! I felt like I was living the moment with this beautiful, happy couple. What a stunning venue.

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