Anika & Rahul´s wedding: Uniting Families, Culture and Hearts

Portugal Indian Wedding

Portugal witnessed a vibrant blend of cultures and traditions as Anika and Rahul´s Portugal Indian Wedding unfolded in the picturesque town of Cascais. As Lisbon-based wedding photographers, we have the privilege of witnessing beautiful love stories unfold, each unique in its own way. Anika and Rahul’s three-day Portugal Hindu wedding at the picturesque Onyria Golf Resort in Cascais was a true celebration of love, culture, family and togetherness. We were thrilled to be a part of this grand occasion, and it all began with a beautiful referral from Anika’s cousin, gorgeous Priya. Having previously captured the Hindu wedding of Priya´s best friends, Anjali and James, in Penha Longa, we felt honoured to be entrusted with immortalizing yet another joyous milestone in the family.

The first day of Anika and Rahul’s unforgettable Portugal Hindu wedding unfolded with the mesmerizing Sangeet and Mehndi night at the picturesque Onyria Hotel LakeHouse. The serene ambience was painted with the melodious symphony of frogs croaking nearby, creating a unique and tranquil setting for the celebration.

As twilight embraced the venue, the air was filled with excitement and joy. Talented Mehndi artists adorned the ladies´ hands and amidst the artistic beauty, friends prepared heartwarming speeches that celebrated the couple’s journey of love. Laughter echoed throughout the night as guests engaged in amusing games, forging unforgettable memories and a sense of togetherness.

During the Vidhi ceremony, the next morning Anika and Rahul playfully endured the good-natured teasing of their guests. Tumeric paste was playfully rubbed on them, with some guests being particularly mischievous, especially with Rahul. Laughter and joy filled the air, making the Vidhi ceremony a memorable and light-hearted affair.

In the afternoon, with the breathtaking view of Onyria Golf Resort’s picturesque lake as a backdrop, Anika and Rahul’s Mandap ceremony commenced with the Baraat. The procession was an exuberant affair, featuring a cart adorned in the vibrant colours of Chelsea Football Club. Rahul, a passionate Chelsea fan, led the procession, dancing and celebrating with his loved ones, making it a lively and unforgettable moment.

The sacred vows were taken, and the couple embarked on their journey as life partners, surrounded by the love and blessings of their families and friends.
As per tradition, Anika’s friends playfully stole Rahul’s shoes during the ceremony. The groom had to negotiate their return, adding a fun-filled element to the wedding proceedings.

Right after the ceremony and portraits with the family, we had the pleasure of photographing Anika and Rahul in their stunning wedding attire, capturing the essence of their love and the richness of their cultural heritage in every frame.
The third day kicked off with entertaining games that brought laughter and joy to Anika and Rahul’s guests. It was heartwarming to witness the bond between families and friends, as they came together to celebrate the couple’s union.
The grand finale of the celebrations was an enchanting evening reception at the elegant Cascais Venue Arriba by the Sea. We began the day by capturing the couple’s getting-ready moments, and later, we had a delightful portrait session during the golden hour at Arriba by the Sea beach, resulting in timeless images filled with love and beauty.

Anika and Rahul’s three-day Hindu wedding was a magnificent fusion of love, culture, and traditions, beautifully reflected in the stunning locations of Onyria Golf Resort and Cascais Venue Arriba by the Sea. 

 Thank you Anika and Rahul for your trust! We were honoured to document these unforgettable moments, preserving your love story for generations to come. The joy, laughter, and camaraderie that enveloped the celebrations made this wedding truly special to us and we are grateful to have been a part of it all. Wishing you an abundance of happiness for the years to come!

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Portugal Indian Wedding
portugal indian wedding

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