– How many photographers will there be at my wedding?

We always work as a team (Maria and Fábio), which gives us the chance to  cover  the event with a greater variety of scenes and angles. We switch off on who photographs the bride getting ready, and who photographs the groom.

– What is your style of photography ?

Our approach is popularly known as ” creative photojournalism”. We photograph your day in a discreet way, without any interference. But we also dedicate a ton of energy on “creative portraits”, which is a short session with the bride and groom during the wedding. We always look for the perfect light, angles and interesting backgrounds and often use unusual and experimental techniques to turn these pictures into works of art that you will want to put on your walls.

– Is your approach solely photojournalism or do you also take photos of the decoration and posed photos of bride and groom with family?

The collection of wedding photography would not be complete without the traditional family portraits and decoration. We take all the photographs that you would expect from any wedding photographer. We only ask that for traditional family portraits there is someone that would help the newly weds in gathering family and friends.

– Do you also have a video recording service?

In order to maintain the quality of our work we only dedicated ourselves to photography. But we know good professionals in the area of wedding video-journalism that we can recommend.

–  We do not feel comfortable at being photographed. How can you  help us on  the wedding day?
We are calm, mellow people who tend to blend into the event rather than draw attention to ourselves and our cameras. Most couples tell us that they sometimes do not even notice our presence . The only time you really will be aware that you are photographed is during family group shots and during our session through which we will guide you.

– We would like to know more about your work and hire you but do not live in Portugal. Is there a solution?

Most couples who hire us do it without a personal interview. We are happy to arrange a meeting via Skype or have a phone call chat. We are very flexible with schedules and quickly answer emails . Recently we attended a couple from South Korea and most of our meetings were held at night due to time difference with Asia. We can always arrange a time that is most convenient to you .

– Do you photograph weddings outside of the Lisbon area?

We are always thrilled with the opportunity to learn and work in new locations especially if a cultural difference is involved. We love a new challenge and go where we´re needed.

– How do we organize your trip?

We take care of travel, accommodation and car rental reservations when necessary. We give priority to the more affordable options and after discussing client´s budget we make the reservations and present them receipts to obtain a full refund. It is advisable that our hotel room is in the same hotel where the wedding guests are staying as it gives us more flexibility during the day.

– Do you work with a time limit? 

Every wedding has a different rhythm, one may take longer than other. We want to tell the complete story of your wedding day, therefore we prefer to work without any time limit. However, we´ve found that 12-hour limit is a perfect balance to cover the most important moments of the event. The client decides the hour of our start, according to their personal preference.

– How many pictures do you deliver?

We take on average 4000 – 5000 shots per event. In the editing process, this number can be reduced down to around 1,500 – 2,500 photographs.

– Are all the photos edited ? What image format do you work with?

We photographed the entire event with the RAW file format which enables superior image quality. After a rigorous selection process, all pictures get image processing in Adobe Lightroom program. Photographs are then delivered only in a JPG format.

– When will we see the photos ?

We give a lot of importance in dedicating our time in editing each and every image that will be delivered so it usually takes around 2-3 weeks to send sample photos for viewing.

– Will my guests have access to the photos? Do you provide photo selling service? 

Once edited, the photographs are all going to a private gallery protected by password that is only given to the newlyweds. Once obtaining the password, guests will have a full access to the photo gallery as well as all information on how to purchase them.

– Could you give us some more details on the engagement and Mr& Mrs session?

Engagement sessions may take up to 2hrs -2hrs30 minutes. During this time couple can change their attire once or twice. Mr. & Mrs. sessions (trash the dress) last up to 2 hours. In both cases, the session´s location is always chosen by the couple. We produced on average 200 photos per session. Travel costs are included in the Lisbon area and does not include makeup professionals. Should you need a makeup artist and a stylist we can recommend some good professionals.

– What about the albums you offer?

We work with one of the best Digital album provider in Europe which provides albums with high quality and elegance! Please contact us for more details on types, sizes and prices.  

– How is the process of image selection for the Album?

You are free to choose the images you would like to have on your Album. Sometimes however, it is not easy for the bride and groom to choose 200 pictures from hundreds, so we suggest you do let us do the selection and then we will send you the Album layout for your approval. Only after your full approval do we send the layout to the printing company.

Our tips for your big day:    

From our long experience in working in the wedding industry we notice that there are situations that can either help or interfere in the smooth flow of a wedding day which effectively influences the bride and a groom. Therefore we would like to share with you some of our experience and give you some suggestions.

– Location of the Bride and Groom´s preparations :

We really like the Portuguese tradition of the Bride and Groom preparing at their parents´ house. A symbolic gesture of leaving one´s nest to set off on a new life adventure.
Increasingly however, couples decide to prepare in a hotel or in the accommodation facilities of the wedding venue. Such an arrangement helps the couple to become more calm and relaxed without the pressure of needing to be ready to receive guests . The decor and well-lit rooms of hotels also greatly contribute to an even better result of the photographs.

– Party Lights:

One of the most neglected details in the wedding organization is lighting that can completely transform your site from ordinary to spectacular and make everything look even more beautiful on your big day. Colorful lights on the slopes or spotlights on the walls are simple resources that can dramatically influence the image result!

– Band or DJ:

As Latin saying goes: “gustibus non est disputandum” – “In matters of taste, there can be no dispute.” There are tastes for everything and everyone, but one can avoid empty dance floor by hiring a professional that has sensitivity in “reading their public”. And along the years we noticed that professional DJs always get a better result, attracting both younger and older guests to the dance floor.

– The bride hairstyle:

Different hairstyles arise according to current trend. However the classic loose hair never goes out of fashion. By being more natural, the hairstyle makes bride more comfortable during the day without risk of tousle, which also contributes to better result in the photograph.

-Wedding planner:

We notice a significant differences in how the bride and groom enjoy their big day when there is a Wedding Planer involved that coordinates the flow of the day. The couple does not have to worry about the details of the party and can enjoy much more their wedding day. For some however, these services may exceed their possibilities , so we suggest you to ask a friend, brides- maid or a best man that can participate in every process of wedding preparation so that they will be prepared to give you an important support on the Big Day.