Alex & Marc´s Forte da Cruz Wedding- Tale of Love, Joy and Togetherness

Forte da Cruz Wedding

This Forte da Cruz wedding will stay in our hearts forever for a few reasons.
The lovely couple, Alex & Marc have been the sweetest, most generous and kind people; our brother, Karol from Spotcuts Films was the wedding videographer and the celebrant was Alex´s dad, who reminded us of my and Karol´s own dad.
You might still remember this handsome duo from our latest engagement session in Lisbon. We seemed to hit it off right away with the couple and throughout the year of wedding preparations, email and DM exchanges we grew fonder and fonder of them.
Last month was their wedding day in Forte da Cruz. It was a cloudy but warm day- perfect for an outdoor ceremony and portrait pictures. Funny fact- we actually mentioned to Alex just how overcast weather is an ideal atmospheric condition for photographers. And guess what, their wedding day was the first day of clouds in the unusually hot and sunny month of May we had this year. We joked that they had the weather pre-booked for their wedding:)

Portrate Forte da Cruz

Our day started with meeting Marc getting ready at a cute Sintra hotel while Alex had her hair done at a nearby hair salon. We then met her at the Forte da Cruz where she was ready to put on her dress and prepared for a first look with her bridesmaids. We were excited for this moment because it was the first time we actually captured the bridesmaids’ first look! The adorable group greeted Alex with cheers and joy and we had plenty of opportunities for amazing bridal portraits. Another “first photography experience” was the first touch that Alex and Marc decided to do before the ceremony. At first, we were sceptical but having done it and seeing how intimate and special this moment can be, we are now great fans of the lovely alternative to the bride and groom’s first look.

Forte da Cruz wedding, bride preparation
Forte da Cruz wedding, toast with bridesmaids
Forte da Cruz wedding, Estoril

The outdoor ceremony was simply beautiful an had yet another very unique aspect. The person who conducted it was no other than Alex´s father himself! How more memorable and unique the moment could be? And not only did Alex´s dad share some lovely thoughts with us from his fatherly perspective, but his beautiful voice and gentle demeanour turned this ceremony into a very personal and unforgettable moment.

The heartfelt event was followed by some portrait taking, after which we were joined by the happy wedding party of bridesmaids and groomsmen! They were tireless to take some fun photos with us and poor Marc wasn’t spared from being tossed up to the air- which only marked the beginning of what the groom had to endure throughout the whole party! ;)

Forte da Cruz wedding, cerimónia civil
casamento Cerimónia Civil Forte da cruz
troca de alianças forte da cruz
beijo forte da cruz
forte da cruz wedding flowers
Destination Wedding Portugal

A dinner with speeches followed and we were once again surprised by a couple of other very personal and familiar touches during the dinner. Firstly, the table markers were made by Alex´s adorable nieces, aged 6 and 10 – how cute is that?! Secondly, the couple wrote to each and every guest a letter – around 100 letters we heard! Alex had handwritten hers while Marc typed some rhimes/poems. The idea popped out as the couple feared that they might not be able to interact with every guest during the wedding day. And the couple wanted to ensure that they expressed their appreciation and love to each and every guest present. In the end, they managed to speak to everyone during the dinner and in between the speeches, which in our view was yet again Alex and Marc´s very selfless act of love to abandon the comfort of having a quiet dinner, in order to give everyone a few minutes of their time! So inspiring! 

Forte da Cruz wedding, dinner
Discurso da madrinha
casamentos em forte da cruz estoril

The dinner was followed by the couple’s first dance at Forte da Cruz outdoor patio where the ceremony took place. And we were very fortunate that mother nature spared us from rain- which was expected that evening! A crazy fun party followed and the great crowd of friends and family danced with the couple all throughout the evening!

Forte da cruz wedding, dancing
Forte da Cruz wedding, first dance
first dance, Forte da Cruz
Forte da cruz wedding portraits
Forte da Cruz wedding party
Forte da Cruz party
forte da cruz wedding, dancing party
Forte da cruz wedding, dance floor

What a day! So unique in many ways: the father’s involvement, how family and friends centred the wedding was, and how in love and dedicated to one another the couple is. Plus, having our brother by our side to document the amazing event with his video lens made our working conditions even more pleasurable and fun! You can see a teaser of this gorgeous wedding from Karol´s work.

Alex and Marc, thank you so much for entrusting us with the privilege to be your wedding photographers.

We are so thrilled for you both and so honoured to have been at your wedding day! It truly was the most magical day and we feel like we´ve gained great friends! Many blessings for the years to come and let us know whenever you´re back in Portugal!


Whew….these photographs and moments were so well captured! They tell a story of people that genuinely love one another in their own uniqueness! Kudos to the couple!

Such a beautiful wedding. I absoultely enjoyed the images and video.

Absolutely stunning and beautiful photos. Their story is so inspirational.

Aside from the happiness that you were able to capture, I also appreciate that you were able to catch the tender moments in your photographs.

Absolutely love how you captured their wedding day! So many wonderful memories for them! The groom first look photo got me in the feels!

What a beautiful set of photos, so effortless and natural! I love the way the photos capture a bit of movement as well, that’s so elegant and draws you in, so different from the traditional photos where everyone stands still.

A beautiful captured through the lenses.

I love all the happiness and emotions that you were able to capture in your photos! They are all lovely shots.

That wedding looks like something straight out of a fairy tale and you did an amazing job capturing the day!

Looks like a beautiful wedding, I bet all of the guests had a wonderful time and will remember this wedding for years to come.

I love this kind of wedding! Especially the after party. Great photos.

Such a beautiful wedding. I enjoyed browsing the photos and reading this couples story. Plus such an ideal location for a celebration.

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