Neha & Nikhil – Fall in Love in Alentejo

Portugal Indian Wedding Tivoli Evora

Thrilled to be back on our blog with Neha & Nikhil´s Hindu Wedding that saw the beautiful Alentejo Fall and occurred at the gorgeous Tivoli Evora Ecoresort. 
Fábio and I were very lucky to have stayed at this hotel throughout the celebrations so that we could get enough rest for the following day´s activities!
The wedding day started with a lovely Autumn breeze. We spent a very peaceful night in one of the cozy rooms of the Tivoli, while listening in the distance to the sound of the Sangeet party that we had left the previous night with our memory already full :) 
We woke up very early to the sound of cute sheep that said good morning to the people who passed our door. At breakfast all the guests looked as fresh as if they hadn’t even had a long party the previous night. From very early, one could feel the enthusiastic excitement of the guests and staff preparing for the wedding that was about to take place. And while all guests were happily spending the morning greeting one another, having breakfast, reminiscing about the previous night´s party, Neha and Nikhil were getting ready at their respective hotel suites. 
Like any wonderful Indian wedding, the peaceful day in the Alentejo countryside was awakened by the music of drums, dancing and the warm meeting of families and friends over the Baraat festivity. 
The gorgeous Mandap was set up at the yard of the Tivoli Ecoresort and it gathered everyone under the soothing shade of olive trees. 
What always catches our attention at Indian weddings is the welcoming symbolism that one family dedicates to another, and in addition to the simple ritual, it is clear how this is transmitted in the affection between the parents and children and grandchildren and grandparents. It really seems like two families become one.
After the ceremony, the Hotel Manager kindly took us over to Cromeleque dos Almendres – location in Evora with loosely set stones, reminiscing a Stonehenge. We made the most of the scenery to incorporate it in portrait pictures. 

After one. rest and a bath the bride and groom changed their clothes and Neha surprised everyone with gorgeous white Lengha. But before joining the reception, we took our couple over to some nearby vineyards for more portraits. The sunset was just perfect on that day. 
After the session, the guests were already waiting for the bride and groom at the reception venue with a surprise family dance shows and guests speeches followed right after the cake cutting . 
The party continued with Indian food savouring, happy family and friends embraces and lots and lots of dancing to the best Indian and Pop tunes. 
But it is not over yet, the next day this beautiful Neha and Nikhil gave us a little more of their precious time to take some more photos. So stay tuned for our next blog feature! 

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